My Prescriptions
My Prescriptions

My Prescriptions iPhone / iPad App

The MyPrescriptions App from Medicine Zone and The Pharmacy Centre, a trading name of Medicinechest Ltd enables you to manage your repeat prescription ordering with us on your Android or Apple mobile devices.

Our App syncs with your online repeat prescription ordering account on our website. Set a reminder on the website and as well as getting an email, you will get a reminder on your phone. Add a medicine in the App and it will also show in your medicine list on your pharmacy's website.


  • Keep your medicine list up to date; add, delete or edit medicines.
  • Set reminders to re-order so you order prescriptions in good time and are not late getting your medicines. You will receive these via email and on your phone or tablet.
  • Order your prescriptions.
  • Send a note to your us along with your prescription order.
  • Receive status updates on your prescription order from your Pharmacy such as when it is ready for delivery to your door, collection from your Pharmacy or whether you need to contact your GP.
  • Find and sign up with a Pharmacy.

Please check our website for the full privacy policy but the long and short is, your data is only accessible by trusted staff at your Pharmacy, GP surgery and at Medicinechest Ltd for the purposes of managing your prescription orders and of supporting the use of and further development of this App.

In future this App will be updated with many more features and functions..

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